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Our Service Area is Currently the Omaha Metro Area

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Carpet Cleaning

Some people call it Steam Cleaning or "Shampooing".  The correct term is Hot Water Extraction method.

We have a Certified Master Textile Cleaner on staff to ensure you get the cleanest carpets possible.

Upholstery Clean-Dashers.jpg

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have a dark colored polyester sectional or a pure white natural fiber chair that's dry clean only.  We have you covered.

If other cleaners turned your white fabric into a brownish color, Give us a call

Tile Clean1-Dashers.jpg

Tile Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned the tile? Especially your grout.  After mopping, all the dirt and spills stay in the grout once the dirty water evaporates.

Specialty Services

Wine Spill.jpg

Red Stains

Wine and Kool-Aid are no match for us.  Our cleaning does wonders on removing these stains

Fingernail Polish-Dashers.jpg

Paint, Ink, Fingernail Polish

Oh my.....Yes, these can be tough.  However, we have an excellent track record in removing these.

Fabric Bleached-Dashers2.jpg

Bleach Discoloration

Did someone spill bleach on your carpet or upholstery and leave a white spot?

Some people call this a bleach stain but it is actually discolored.  There is no color in the carpet fiber.

Call us..... We can put the color back in the fibers using carpet dye.

Pet Accident Services

Yes..... Even Dasher Has Accidents And Sometimes "Scooches" Across The Floor

Dog Pee on Furniture-Dasher.jpg
Dog Poop-Dashers.jpg
UV Light-Dashers.jpg

Pet Accidents and Odors

Whether your pet vomited, bled, number 1 or number 2, we can get you cleaned up on your furniture, rug or carpet.

We use Ultra Violet light to see current and past accidents, so we can treat them accordingly

After cleaning we will treat any residual odor from the accident

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